Private Sessions

Gil Katz, E-RYT 500, WCS

Private Sessions

Private sessions are modified specifically fit to the needs of the individual. Nothing compares to learning with the undivided attention of your teacher.  Traditionally yoga was taught one on one as a personal and unique experience for your mind and body.

Yoga can be particularly helpful for people recovering from an injury or illness.  Therapeutic Yoga focuses on working with mental and physical conditions. It utilizes yogic techniques including postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama), meditation & deep relaxation techniques (Yoga Nidra).

These are some of the reasons to take private sessions:

  • You will develop an understanding of how to practice more efficiently and gain knowledge for life
  • You will learn about related aspects such as nutrition, the relationship between posture, stress and energy levels.
  • You will learn how yoga can help reduce the risks of injuries
  • You will feel more motivated and energized
  • You will be stretched during your workout in a way you cannot achieve on your own
  • You will have a renewed determination to follow your exercise program
  • You will achieve results faster and make the most of your exercise time
  • classes and private sessions at your home or one of my locations – Upper West Side –    917 566 5932