Gil Katz, E-RYT 500, WCS

The Lifelong Benefits of Yoga


Receive the Lifelong Benefits of Yoga with Yoga Gil  - Upper West Side - Activities & Health - NYC

When people decide to sign up for yoga it is usually because they believe it will help them feel better. They would of course be correct, since practicing yoga has the ability to improve your health and calm your mind. Living in a world of stress, people turn to yoga as a means to relax and feel better about themselves.

It is an undeniable fact that when you walk out of a yoga session with Yoga Gil, you will end up feeling better than when you walked in.

The most refreshing aspect behind yoga is its simplicity. Concentrating on stretching and proper breathing is all it really takes to feel better and calm your body.

While the overall health benefits are important, people also turn to yoga to get into top physical shape or as a form of rehabilitation. In fact many professional sports players use yoga to help with treating an injury and keeping them flexible. Whether you are a man or a woman, the physical benefits of yoga work for everyone, regardless of your age.

Working for your entire body, yoga can help to prevent injuries by loosening up and stretching your muscles, as well as improving flexibility. Specifically, runners can benefit from yoga since running tends to tighten up the back of their legs, hamstrings, and Achilles tendon.

Primarily considered physical by many people, the medical community has recently accepted yoga as a proven method of stress and anxiety reduction. Most people do not realize that they are only using a fraction of their lungs. With each breath that you take, you may be using only 25% of your capacity. As you practice yoga you can reach 100% capacity, giving you more air to your body, relaxation of your mind, and more energy.

If you are slightly skeptical of these benefits, give it a try right now. Close your eyes, begin a slow deep breath just below the navel, draw the breath up toward your solar plexis and lungs, feel the expansion of your side ribs and lifting of your breast bone as your lungs fill up to your collar bones; pause a moment. Slowly release your breath from top to bottom allowing the rib cage to settle back down to its starting position, then the abdomen relaxes as the belly draws in; pause and open your eyes. Do you feel more relaxed?

There is no other practice as beneficial as yoga, allowing you to feel better from head to toe, inside and out. Yoga done mindfully and with proper instruction will bring you toward a healthy body and mind. You can feel the benefits after your first class!