The benefits of Yoga are numerous, releasing tension and stress control, mental clarity and general well-being. Prana is the life force of every cell in the body. As human beings, we receive this ‘life-giving’ prana most abundantly through the air that we breathe. But it’s also in the food we eat and the water we drink. For a balanced mind and body, prana needs to be balanced and flow harmoniously.


People of all ages and levels of fitness can do yoga. The asana practice is the place to begin. Physical postures (known as asana in Sanskrit) are a gentle way to improve one’s health by making the body more flexible, enhance muscular strength and improve the functions of circulation, digestion and balance. The goal is to live within your body, learn to master the acts of sitting, standing, walking and lying down with ease.


Yoga will heighten your mind awareness and invigorate the soul. Open your heart to simple techniques which have enlightened people for centuries. This stillness will help you achieve peace of mind, radiant health and restful sleep.